Western Sahara's Ambassador on UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities towards Saharawi people

Accra (Ghana) - AMIPS - The Western Sahara Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Abbi Bushraya Bashir, called on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility towards the Saharawi people by approving the inclusion of the monitoring and protection of human rights in the mandate of the United Nations mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO), during an interview with Ghana TV3 aired Wednesday.

Mr. Bashirunderlined that the “series of traumatic events witnessed in the region through the end of the last year and early this year, in particular the events of the camp of Gdeim Izik and the occupied city of El Aaiun in November, must be a sufficient reason to the Security Council to take that decision awaited by the Saharawi people and demanded by all international organizations of human rights for many years."

The Ambassador, who was a guest of the program Sun Rise of the channel, reiterated that the “stability of the territory and the entire region is related, now more than ever, to providing adequate protection for Sahrawi civilians," warning that the “continued absence of such protection will lead the region to ominous consequences, and expressing in this regard the “surprise of the Sahrawi people and its friends in the world about the failure of the UN Security Council to impose the protection of civilians in a non-self-governing territory where there is a United Nations mission since 20 years.”

The Saharawi Ambassador praised the positions of the African peoples in support of the struggle of the Saharawi people, considering that “these positions are in line with the founding principles of the organization of the African continent, particularly with regard to respecting the borders inherited from colonialism and the inalienable rights of peoples to freedom and independence

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