Western Sahara's official: It is unreasonable for MINURSO to continue as only UN mission without mandate of human rights protection

Berlin - AMIPA - “it is unreasonable for the MINURSO to continue as the only UN mission without mandate of human rights protection,” the Saharawi Coordinator with the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO), Mr. Mhamed Khadad, said before the Human Rights Committee of the Bundestag.

Mr. Khadad underlined, in a briefing on Thursday to the latest developments on the peace process in Western Sahara especially the negotiations course between the two parties Polisario Front and Morocco, that Gdeim Izik massacre and its subsequent acts of repression, arbitrary arrest and unfair trials “is conclusive evidence about the necessity for the international community to accelerate the establishment of a mechanism to monitor and report on human rights situation in Western Sahara.”

“The first and last responsible for the lack of progress in the course of direct negotiations between the two parties to the conflict is the Moroccan authorities, which are still trying to impose preconditions contrary to resolutions of the UN Security Council and General Assembly ," the Saharawi diplomat said.

He expressed hope that the German government support this endeavour during deliberations of the UN Security Council on Western Sahara in this April, pointing that the Saharawi people does not demand more than applying the international legitimacy through democratic solution and respecting human rights.

The Saharawi official made on April 7-8 a visit to Berlin, where he held talks in the German Foreign Ministry and was received in the Bundestag by the Human Rights Committee and the Group of Arab Maghreb, before he met the representatives of some German media.

During these meetings, the German officials expressed their country’s support to the implementation of recommendations of the UN Security Council, and its unconditional support to the task of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Western Sahara.

Moreover, they confirmed that the question of human rights and its protection "is one of the pillars within the foreign policy of their country
. "

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