George Mitchell resigns after failing to narrowing Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Washington (MAPI) - The US White House confirmed on Friday resignation of US Middle East peace envoy, Mr. George Mitchell, and announced that he will replaced by his deputy, David Hale.

Mitchell, age 77, was a central figure in securing peace in Northern Ireland, but has been unable to replicate that success. His departure underlines the lack of any immediate prospects for a resumption of serious negotiations between the two sides. Such is the lack of movement he has not visited the region since December.

In his letter of resignation to the US President, Mr. Barack Obama, he said his original intention had been to serve two years and he had done longer than that.

Obama appointed him special envoy in January 2009, two days after his own inauguration, a time of widespread optimism that some of the world's most intractable problems might be solved.

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