Moroccan immigrant stabs Western Sahara citizen in Bilbao

Basque, Spain (MAP)- a Saharawi citizen gravely wounded due to a brutal attack committed by a Moroccan immigrant in Bilbao, the Spanish news paper “Minuto digital“ indicated today.

According to the witnesses, the criminal offended the Saharawi by using a broken bottle of wine which he was drinking, where the victim was stabbed on the neck causing deep hurts roughly cost him his life, reported the Spanish news paper.

This incident relevant to the question of Western Sahara, the Saharawi citizen chanted a slogans demanding the independence of the African last colony whish was invaded by the Moroccan forces of occupation in 1975, the source pointed out.

Moreover, Saharawi women injured at the level of the chest in the same accident, the source added.

Recently, Spain has witnessed similar attacks committed by Moroccan immigrants against Sahrawis and Spanish citizen.

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