Moroccan police storms house of Western Sahara family

May 21, 2011

El Aaiun (Western Sahara) - AMIPS- Agents of Moroccan police and auxiliary forces broke Thursday into the house of the family of Martyr Said Dambar, injuring more than 30 people mostly women, during a peaceful sit-in organized by the family of the victim to demand the disclosure of the circumstances surrounding the killing of its 29-year-old son
Dozens of Sahrawi citizens had gathered outside the house to declare their solidarity with the family and their support for its legitimate demand, where Moroccan rapid intervention forces suddenly and violently attacked the demonstrators, which resulted in many casualties among Sahrawi citizens
The family refuses to take the corpse of its son, who was killed by a bullet fired from the pistol of a Moroccan policeman, until finding out the whole truth surrounding his death and prosecution of the perpetrators

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