FLN claims executive power controlled by Prime Minister and President of Republic

Algeria - MAP - The Secretary General of the National Liberation Party (FLN) has claimed an executive power controlled by Prime Minister and President of the Republic.

The current constitution, amended in 2008, stipulates that the executive power to be exclusively in hands of President.

“We want to see an executive power with two heads on it, in order to restore balance between powers of Chief of the State and Prime Minister,” Mr Abdelaziz Belkhadem told reporters, following meeting with the national consultations committee on political reforms.

Currently, Prime Minister implements the programme of President and coordinates the work of the government.

Belkhadem who is also Minister of State and former Prime Minister, further proposes that “In addition to his prerogatives, President could mediate between the government and the Parliament.”

Furthermore, FLN SG suggests installing a permanent, neutral and financially independent elections committee “to be in charge of assuring the good run of elections, from the phase of the preparations of election lists, until the counting of votes.”

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