Facebook to launch news feature 'Facebook Editions’

World - MAP - Facebook, the world’s leading social network, will soon launch a new feature called “Facebook Editions”, various reports say.
Facebook to Launch News Feature Facebook Editions 300x189 Facebook to Launch News Feature ‘Facebook Editions’In a report, Forbes breaks that Facebook Editions, a news publication applications service, will be launched by the world’s biggest social network soon.
How soon? Forbes says that it is possible that Facebook Editions will be launched this September.
According to the publication, various media outlets have already signed up to participate in a test run to be conducted by Facebook.
The report says that CNN, The Daily and the Washington Post have already agreed to take part in the Facebook Editions trial.
However, Forbes says that the New York Times, through obstacles brought about by its paywall, will not be in the trial.
Facebook Editions will have to compete with news outlets of major sites like Google News and Yahoo news.
It has, however, a huge user base which is mostly loyal to the site. As of last estimates, the social networking giant reportedly has 750 million users.

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