Moroccan settlers attack saharawi citizens in occupied El Aaiun

Occupied El Aaiun-MAP-Thursday, 30th of June in the evening, hundreds of Moroccan settlers living in El Aaiun, capital of the occupied Western Sahara, have participated in a march organized by the Moroccan occupation authorities, chanting slogans in support of the Moroccan constitution and racist slogans against the Saharawi people.

These participants have attacked the homes of Saharawi citizens by throwing stones and moroccan occupation police, present at the place, took no action, reorted the Saharawi group "Equipo Mediatico".

After these acts of violence, dozens of Sahrawi citizens gathered in the neighborhood Maatallah on the boulevards of Mezouar and Smara, in condemning the march, violence and the complicity of the occupation authorities to the Moroccan settlers, the source added

In response, the occupation forces intervened against them, injuring several people.

Accordingly to an eye witness, a vehicle belonging to the Auxiliary Forces speeding, hit the young Saharawi Daoudi Brahim of seventeen years old, wounding him seriously. The young suffers serious fractures on his knee and expects to undergo surgery in the coming hours.

Saharawi citizens Zaibour Hamadi Bougara Jaouhar, Ms. Tekber Laatik and two brothers Hamma Lamin (young disabled man) and Hamid were also injured, the same source indicated.

On the boulevard of Skikima, occupation forces ransacked the family home of Ahl Boutngiza and attacked both son Lahbib and El Gouth. They then ransacked the house of the family Ahl Zoghman, and attacked their son Mohamed.

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