Launch of facebook page to oust Syrian ambassador in Cairo

Syria (MAP) - A Facebook page devoted to the ousting of the Syrian ambassador to Egypt is now active, said Walid Mustafa, spokesman for the Egyptian Al-Wasat Party.
The goal is to reach one million signatures on the petition.
Egyptians condemn the massacres the Al-Assad regime is perpetrating against its citizens, Mustafa said.
“The brutal violence is happening amid the silence of Arab nations.”
"We are youth of the Al-Wasat party and the sons of the Egyptian revolution who tasted injustice and despotism; Allah grants us freedom; we know Syrian people have the right to achieve their desires and aspirations and remove injustice and despotism from their territory," he said.
The Facebook campaign is designed to force the ambassador – who, according to Mustafa and the Party, represents regime crimes against unarmed citizens – to resign.

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