withdrawal from Bab al-Aziziya fortress was merely a 'tactical move', says Gaddafi

Tripoli-MAP- Colonel Gaddafi last night made a defiant speech from his hideout in which he vowed that the fight against Libyan rebels would end in 'death or victory'.

speaking to a Tripoli radio station, he claimed the withdrawal from his Bab al-Aziziya fortress was merely a 'tactical move'.

'I have been out a bit in Tripoli discreetly, without being seen by people, and ... I did not feel that Tripoli was in danger,' Gaddafi said.

In a second statement, Gaddafi made a chilling threat in which he pledged to turn Libya into ‘volcanoes, lava and fire’

he also told residents they must 'cleanse' Tripoli of the rebels and free it from the 'devils' who have overrun it.

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