Gdaim Izik... heartbreaking cry that broke the chains of oppression and hopelessness

Saharawi Refugee Camps –MAP- Gdaim Izik was the tremor that has shaken the foundations of absolute monarchy of Alawi and shown to the world a heartbreaking cry that broke the chains of oppression and hopelessness. A fresh breath for the Saharawis to fight without discouragement for their legitimate rights to freedom and independence, the great militants and human rights defenders Isabel Terraza and Antonio Velázquez assert in interview with the independent News Agency MAP.
During the interview the activists unveil the fate on their documentary film, Gdaim Izik..Symbol of Unity and Independence trying to shed the light on their participation in the Saharawi protest camp of Gdaim Izik, camp and told their own testimonies lived through the dismantling of the camp on November 8, 2010 the Moroccan forces of repression.
Their work wich take a took a tour on the Saharawi refugee camps, the SADR INSTITUSIONS as well as, has received a great deal of attention.

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