Western Sahara


Paris (France) - Independent Maghreb Press Service - A confidential sources has confirmed to IMPS that Polisario Front has recently held meetings with the Libyan Transitional Council in Paris and London, on the ground of Moroccan allegations about the participation of Polisario elements in the conflict in Libya.
The two sides have discussed the ways to develop and strengthen the relations between them on the base of the common interests.
It should be noted that the Moroccan media had spread rumors of the presence of Polisario soldiers within Gaddafi brigades, these allegations has been denied by Mr. Mostapha Abd Al-Jalil, president of Libya’s NTC.
The relations between Polisario and Gaddafi regime has showed sharp tension since 1982 when Muammar Gaddafi announced his support the Moroccan military campaign against the Saharawi people by establishing an alliance with Rabat in 1984, after Morocco delivered him two Libyan opponents.
Other reports revealed that Gaddafi asked the Polisario Front to conduct acts of sabotage targeting economic facilities and the Moroccan civilians, but this had been totally rejected by the Polisario arguing “it is against its principles as a liberation movement advocates for recovering the usurped rights of its people and has nothing to do with sabotage and terrorism.”

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