Moroccan authorities expel young Western Saharan to the borders with Mauritania

Gargarat (Western Sahara) - MAP - Moroccan  authorities has forcibly expelled the young Western Saharan, Alyen Mohamed Salem, from his country, Western Sahara, to the borders with Mauritania, after he demanded the right to job and life in dignity.

According to a statement of the Western Sahara Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Communities Abroad, the young Saharawi was thrown out from the occupied city of El Aaiun to the Western Sahara borders with Mauritania earlier this week, before his documents being stripped.

Alyen Mohamed Salem held sporadically hunger strikes before the occupation administration in the city of El Aaiun and sit-ins outside headquarters of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO). He was repeatedly subjected to torture and imprisonment at the Moroccan police stations in El Aaiun and Dakhla, indicated the same source.

It deplored these “heinous acts by the Moroccan occupation authorities,” calling to allow the population of Western Sahara to benefit from its wealth in accordance with the requirements of the international law until the self-determination referendum of the Saharawi people has been conducted.

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