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Shaheed Al Hafed (Saharawi refugee camps) -MAP - A cultural
ceremony was held Thursday at the Saharawi Ministry headquarters on the occasion of the publication of the book “Ichaâr Bil-Hayet (Notice of Life)”, which is a living testimony documents a personal experience of the Saharawi activist Said Mutapha El Beilal in prison.
The Saharawi activist affirmed “the book is an attempt to show the reality of the Moroccan tyranny, trail and imprisonment against the Saharawi civilian on the ground of his thought, view and conviction. It also aims to call attention of the world to the flagrant human rights violations in the occupied territories and to the struggle of the Saharawi people.”
“Luckily, this book has gone out of existence in this day coinciding with the National Day of Unity and Tent as a sign of the distinct Saharawi identity,” he added, underlying “it is a culmination of year of writing, revision and review.”
Said El Beilal hoped that this new born “would meet the aspirations, motive for the national action and catalyst to the rest of the comrades, who suffered too much under the whips of occupation, in order to document their experiences.”
The writer gave the fruit of his work to the spirit of the Saharawi Martyr, Maichan Mohamed Lamin Lehbib, and to the virtuous Saharawi martyrs as a whole, appealing on the Saharawi writers and intellectuals to record the experience of the Saharawi people.
The Minister of Culture, Ms. Khadija Hamdi, praised the work and stressed “writing is a historic responsibility borne by the intellectuals and writers, because they are capable of drafting and registering the political, cultural and humanitarian experiences which our people have continuously lived.”
He added “writing is the eternal survival as well as today and tomorrow’s witness to the resistance and sacrifices of the Saharawi people so as not to be tarnished by ingratitude and denial.
The book was presented in the presence of writers, poets, human rights activists from the occupied territories of Western Sahara, politicians and representatives of Saharawi media.

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