Western Sahara


Dozens of political parties and associations of solidarity with the Saharawi people around the world addressed letters of support and solidarity to the 13th Congress of the Polisario Front held in the liberated Tifariti zone, between 15 and 19 December 2011, under the motto: “the independent Saharawi state is the solution”.

The letters that have been read this Friday were unanimous in condemning vigorously the unacceptable human rights situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara as a consequence of the silence of the international community on the continuing torture and repression practiced against innocent Saharawi citizens.

While reaffirming their commitment to support the struggle of the Saharawi people for its freedom and right to self-determination, these political parties and solidarity associations called on the international community and the Arab peoples in revolution to stand with the saharawis in their just cause.

Among those political bodies are the Swedish centre and left parties, associations of friends of the Saharawi people from Japan, a number of Russian organizations, the international institute of newly established states, the Association of Algerian Women and the president of the Panama’s Revolutionary Democratic Party.

At the second day of the congress, in a closed session, the financial report was read by Mohamed Lamin Ahmed, member of the national secretariat, in which he disclosed the sources of assistance and the financial expenses during the previous four years, before opening the way for discussions, where more than 90 delegates intervened in the morning session.

The majority of interventions touched number of issues including the need to increase efforts to reach a solution leading to independence and not to remain committed to fruitless negotiations, the necessity to keep attached to the national unity, to increase the financial allocations for health and education and to develop traditional handicraft to preserve the traditional patrimony that the enemy’s attempts have failed in destroy.

The speakers stressed on the necessity of strengthening security especially in the current sensitive situation, enhancing the presence of youth in different fields and supporting the popular uprising of independence to continue its great endeavour to achieve the national objectives.

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