World Health Day: The Sahrawi Minster of Public Health to the Independent MAP; we follow “protection is better than treatment” as a perfect solution to face diseases in light of Medicines shortage

Sahrawi Refuges Camp –Independent Maghreb Press Agency- The Sahrawi Minster of Public Health, Mr. Mohamed Lamin Daddy asserted on the effectiveness of “protection is better than treatment” to face the most dangerous and unrelieved diseases as Diabetes, Cancer and Hypertension, in an interview with “independent MAP” by the occasion of World Health Day, the interview will be published later on
The Minster stated that his Department is following “protection is better than treatment” as a perfect solution to limit spreading of diseases in light of the scarcity of material and human abilities, and Medicines shortage
He pointed out a sum of measures for protection such as taking care of hygiene, environment and conducting medical tests
Mr. Daddy praised the important role of the Sahrawi Official under the difficult situation that a Sahrawi person is undergoing in both Refuges Camp and Liberated Territories of Western Sahara; calling attention to the bad effects of official’s and Doctors immigration abroad, and the effects of financial crisis on the Department 

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