Britain, USA and France discuss "how to support Syrian opposition"

London – Independent Maghreb Press Agency – Britain, USA and France discussed Yesterday, ways of supporting Syrian opposition, according to the office of the British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron
The same source, mentioned in a statement that Mr. Cameron and the American President Mr. Obama in a phone call, dealt that using or threatening to use chemical weapons from Syria is “unacceptable at all” and will force them to review their ways of dealing with the issue
The office has indicated that Mr. Cameron discussed with the two presidents, Mr. Francois Hollande and Mr. Obama, ways of ending violation in Syria and realizing stability
From his side, The White House said that ” a phone call between Mr. Cameron and Mr. Obama, discussed a set of international issues such as the Syrian conflict and the necessity of increasing other countries to help the Syrian opposition
The White House added that Mr. Obama has expressed his fears from the embarrassing and aggravated humanitarian situation in Syria, and the necessity of consenting humanitarian needs in it

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