Zimbabawe condemns Morocco’s practices and confirms solidarity with struggle of Western Sahara people

Harare - Independent Maghreb Press Agency - The National Secretary of League Youth of the Zimbabwe African National Union - Patrioric Front (ZANU - PF), Mr. Absolom Sikhosana, condemned Morocco’s position and described it contrary to international will, affirming strong and unconditional support to the struggle and right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination and build an independent state, during a meeting held Saturday in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, with Western Sahara's Ambassador in Zimbabwe Mr. Deich Mohamed Saleh. 
National Secretary of ZANU PF called on international community and organizations of human rights to pressurize Morocco to put an end to suffering of the people of the Saharawi Republic occupied by Morocco and apply resolutions of the United Nations. 
During the meeting, Ambassador of Western Sahara gave a detailed presentation on the latest developments concerning the Saharawi cause, especially the violations of human rights and racism persuaded by Moroccan occupation authorities against the Saharawi people. 
It is worthwhile that the Republic of Zimbabwe recognized the Republic of Western Sahara, known as Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, on 3 July 1980, and have maintained a strong diplomatic relations with it ever since.

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