Saharawi activist Mbarak Daoudi arrested and tortured

Salé (Morocco)The well-known Saharawi human rights activist MBARAK DAOUDI, who was abducted together with his two sons in the city of Gulemin a month ago, and who is known to have been taken to the secret Salé prison, has been put under pressure and tortured in his cell by prison guards, Adala UK reported Sunday.

Mbarak Daoudi was abducted on 28th September 2013 by uniformed police who forcefully entered his house whilst masked special units searched his house, destroying many of his personal possessions. He and his sons were handcuffed together and taken to a police car. Only several days later it became known that he had been taken to Salé prison without informing his family.

Mbarek had testified to have witnessed the execution of a family in February 1976, whose bodies were discovered in the mass grave of Amgala last June. According to him, more people were executed on the same day and the search must continue.

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