Polisario Front denounces Morocco's indifference to AU, UN resolutions

The Sahrawi government and Polisario Front "firmly" denounced the indifference of the Moroccan government to the resolutions of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN), pointing out that Rabat's practices are similar to those of the Apartheid regime, Sahrawi news agency (SPS) said Thursday.

Quoting a communiqué of the Sahrawi Foreign Affairs Ministry, published Wednesday, the same source underlined that "Morocco, which impedes since 1991 the organization of a self-determination referendum and UN efforts and refuses to collaborate with AU and its special envoy , Joaquim Chissano, acts like the Apartheid regime regarding the international law and the resolutions of UN and AU."

The communiqué of the Sahrawi Foreign Affairs Ministry was released following Rabat's rejection to appoint by AU of a special envoy to Western Sahara, during the 23rd summit of the heads of government and State of the African Union, held recently in Equatorial Guinea.

In this regard, the Sahrawi government pointed out that UN and AU joint efforts "remain the basis of the settlement of all the continent's disagreements and conflicts," and that "there is neither competition nor contradictions between the two organizations on the settlement of the continent's conflicts," added SPS.

The Polisario Front called on UN and AU "to assume their full responsibility to put an end to the illegal Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara and stop all the flagrant violations of human rights, war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Sahrawi people."

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