Sarkozy meets Saudi King in a secret meeting in Tangier, under covered by Moroccan authorities

Several leaders and officials continue to visit the Saudi King in
Morocco. Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France was among the visitors. Nevertheless, Moroccan state keeps imposing secretive measures as the Saudi king Selman received Sarkozy at his residence in Tangier.
News website Le390 revealed that its private sources conveyed some details of the visit. According to Le390, France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Ibn Battuta’s international airport in Tangier at 10:30 AM. Sarkozy directly headed to the Saudi king’s palace where Selman and other Princes are spending their summer vacation. On its website, Le390 said that the “visit lasted for two hours only”. No further details were given on the visit. In addition, Saudi news service had no mention of the subject.
Other private sources have also uncovered that the former French
president has immediately left to France. The same sources unveiled that Moroccan authorities knew about the visit but kept it strictly confidential.
World leaders are expected to continuously visit the Saudi king during his staying in Morocco. It was reported that Selman is in Morocco to modern the marriage of one of his sons.

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