Arab leaders underline need to support peace efforts in Libya

DEAD SEA (JORDAN)- Arab leaders unanimously underlined, Wednesday in Jordan, the need to support efforts aiming at restoring peace in Libya, unifying Libyan ranks and achieving national reconciliation.
During the 28th Arab Summit in Jordan's Dead Sea, Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah said that the Libyan crisis has witnessed serious developments "threatening the security and stability of the country."
"Algeria has spared no effort to promote the political solution, inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation between all Libyan parties, and to bridge the gaps in order to reach a genuine national consensus with a view to preserving the unity and sovereignty of Libya and its social cohesion, without any foreign interference, in line with the United Nations initiative and in accordance with the Security Council's resolution 2259," said Bensalah, who is representing President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the Summit.
"Algeria has hosted several discussions and meetings with all Libyan stakeholders, including politicians, MPs, political leaders and military officials, to encourage them to find a political solution that would preserve the unity of the country and protect it from terrorism," said Bensalah.
In this regard, he announced that "Algeria will host the 11th meeting of Libya's neighbouring countries in April."

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