Western Sahara


Occupied AL-QUDS- Palestinian people have commemorated Thursday the Land and Resistance Day, through which the Palestinians reiterate their attachment to their roots and history, marked by resistance and struggle against Israel which continues to grab their resources and land. 
Palestinians commemorate on March 30 of every year the events occurred on that day in 1976, when dozens of civilian Palestinians, including farmers, were killed by Israeli occupation forces while they were peacefully demonstrating against the confiscation of their land.
The bloody event is commemorated by the Palestinians to pay tribute to the victims and express their attachment to their land.
Palestinian media are commemorating the event this year through several articles praising the courage and struggle of the Palestinian people, who have been living since 1948 under Israeli occupation, suppression or exile.
They seize this opportunity to show the strong links between the Palestinian and his land and their strong will to defend their just cause. 
"This is our land, we will not go away, we will remain attached to this holy land of Palestine," a Palestinian newspaper wrote.

"We will carry on our struggle whatever the atrocious measures taken by this blind occupation! We will continue to exist until we achieve freedom and independence, until the end of Israeli occupation, until the establishment of a fair and lasting peace in our region. 

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