Western Sahara people considers Obama's speech subliminal message to Morocco

May 23, 2011

Brussels - MAP - In a statement to the Spanish agency EFE, the Western Sahara Minister Delegate in charge of Europe, Mohamed Sidati, said that Obama's message has created a "great excitement” in the Western Sahara and has been perceived as a "historic", adding that the Polisario Front sees the U.S. president's recent speech on the Middle East and North Africa a "subliminal message to Morocco to respect the rights of the Saharawi people.
Mohamed Sidati recalled that Obama "has spoken not only on political and democratic rights, but also the right to self-determination of peoples", which represent a hidden message to the Moroccan kingdom.

"We see in the speech a subliminal message to Morocco to respect the international law and protects human rights in the Western Sahara, " the Saharawi official said, stressing that "Obama's speech put the seeds that will lead to a satisfactory end to the Western Sahara conflict ", he said expressing hope that, after the president's position, Washington will propel" new initiatives "in the future.

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