Ex-Zambia's president dies due to acute heart problems

Lusaka - MAP - Frederick Chiluba, Zambia's former leader, died on Saturday, June 18, 2011, at his residency in Lusaka, the southern African country's capital. He was 68.
Chiluba, a former bus conductor and trade union leader, succumbed after years of suffering from acute heart problems.
According to first official reports from his spokesperson, Emmanual Mwamba, the late Chiluba had a normal Friday, conducting political meetings.
However, his personal physician was called in later that evening after he complained that he was not feeling well. And after mid-night he died, Mwamba said.
Chiluba, who led Zambia for a decade, was hailed as a democrat when he dismantled liberation hero Kenneth Kaunda’s communist single party.
After ousting Kaunda- who had spent 27 years in power, in Zambia’s multiparty elections in 1991, Chiluba was re-elected in 1996. He was however forced to leave office after an attempt to modify the country's constitution to enable him run for a third five-year term failed.

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