Pakistani policy of repression continues to target defenseless baloch

Balochistan- MAP- Pakistan’s kill and dump policy continues in Balochistan , yet another Baloch youth, Nasir Dagarzahi Baloch, is killed in military custody.According to the reports a brutally tortured bullet riddled body of Baloch missing person found in a sack in district Kharan, the pro-Baloch website "Balochjohd" indicated Monday.

The victim identified was abducted along with his brother Mohammad Gull Dagarzahi Baloch at FC check point on May 23, 2011, the source pointed out

The two brothers were riding a passenger van to Quetta where they abducted by Pakistan security agencies in Sona Khan check point.

The bullet riddled body of Nasir Dagarzahi is found from district Kharan while the whereabouts of his brother is still unknown, the source added.

It should be recalled that Nasir Dagarzahi, along with three other friends, was first abducted during a midnight raid at his house on January 24, 2010 from Tasp area of Panjgur. On 27 January Abid Rasool Bux Baloch, a 17 year old Baloch student, and Nasir Dagarzai Baloch were shot and dumped in Gwargo area of Panjgour.

Abid Rasool had died instantly but Nasir Dagarzahi survived miraculously despite being shot in his neck and legs. The other two friends of Mr. Dagarzahi, Abid Saleem Baloch and Mehrab Umer Baloch, were killed under custody and dumped in a deserted area in near Turbat on May 23, 2011.

Pakistan military have killed 19 force disappeared Baloch in custody just in July 2011.The count of bullet riddled bodies of Baloch youths have crossed the figure of 200 from july 2010 to july 2011.

The recent reports of Human Rights Watch (HRW) , Amnesty International (AI) about the Human rights abuses in Balochistan by the Pakistani security forces and Intelligence agencies the bakistani violatins are making no difference on ground.

Pakistani authorities are giving no value to the reports of HR bodies and Pakistan military is continuing the kill and dump policy in Balochistan.

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