US Senate hails S. Sudan independence

Washington - MAP- The US Senate adopted a resolution on Monday unanimously hailing the independence of South Sudan, on the heels of a January referendum, French Press Agency(AFP) reported.

'The United States Senate tonight spoke in one voice, congratulating the people of South Sudan on independence achieved through a free and peaceful referendum,' said Democrat Chris Coons, who penned the resolution.

'I welcome South Sudan into the community of sovereign nations as Africa's 54th country and the United Nations' 193rd member,' he added.

South Sudan became the United Nations 193rd member state on Thursday after declaring independence on July 9. Southerners voted almost unanimously to break away in a January referendum that was the centerpiece of a 2005 peace deal between north and south.

'After decades of war, we look forward to a brighter and more peaceful future, and call on the governments of Sudan and South Sudan to peacefully resolve outstanding issues including the final status of Abyei, division of oil revenues, citizenship, and conflict in Southern Kordofan,' Mr Coons added.

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