President Abdelaziz addresses tragic situation living by Saharawi youth under occupation

Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) – MAP- SADR President and Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Thursday, highlighted the cruel condition experienced by the Saharawi youth inside the occupied territories, those suffering repression, forced deportation and marginalization.

Speaking during the opening session of the 17th AU summit , the President Mohamed Abdelaziz said the time AU leaders are meeting under the motto “Accelerate the Youth’s Skill for the Sustainable Development”, more than 50 of ”our best young men” are suffering in Moroccan jails, only because they demanded their legal right in freedom and independence.

”our national policy concerning the youth emerges from the major rules and the principles obtained by our continent through the development programs, in particular those relating to youth”, said the SADR president, ” the Saharawi Republic signed The African Charter, for believing in purposes that the reference document contained.

” Youth mobilization is through serving the targets of liberation and development in our country, either with current struggle against the colonialism, or the Promising future of our country.” He added.

President Abdelaziz, Friday, held meetings with his African counterparts as South Africa President Jackop Zoma.

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