Mustafa Abdeljalil refutes any presence of Polisario Front or assistance to Gaddafi

Benghazi- MAP- The President of the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC), Mustafa Abdeljalil, denied Tuesday any presence of elements of the Polisario Front in Libya, in response to a question about allegations disseminated lately by Moroccan media, claiming the Council arrested some 556 members of Polisario Front, during a press conference in Benghazi.

Mr. Mustafa Abdeljalil confirmed: “We are not aware of any presence of the Polisario Front or assistance to Muammar Gaddafi and we can not accuse any one in this matter.”

The Sahrawi government and the Polisario Front had denied Friday categorically allegations that “about 556 mercenaries from the Polisario Front have been brought in to support Gaddafi troops, have been arrested by the guerrillas of the Transitional National Council,” as was reported Thursday by Moroccan news agency, in a statement issued by the Ministry of Information.

The statement called for an urgent independent inquiry into these allegations which were reported by the Moroccan news agency.

It also invited the new Libyan authorities, represented by the Transitional National Council, to issue a denial urgently to the charges fabricated by the Moroccan occupier, for the benefit of the Libyan and Sahrawi peoples as well as all peoples of the region.

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