13th Congress approves moral and financial reports and forms working committees

In the third day of the works of Polisario’s 13th Congress held in the liberated zone of Tifariti, the delegates approved on Sunday the moral and financial reports presented by the National Secretariat and formed four working committees.

Before the approval, the President of State and former Secretary General of the Polisario, Mohamed Abdelaziz, responded, on behalf of the National Secretariat, to the delegates’ questions and concerns expressed in their interventions on the content of the two reports.

The congress formed four committees: the committee of the statute and the analysis of the experience headed by Mr. Sidahmed Batal, the committee of the national plan of action headed by Mr. Bullahi Sid, the committee of the final statement, letters and resolutions headed by Mrs. Khadija Hamdi and the committee of the occupied territories headed by Mr. Mansour Omar.

The working committees started studying the documents presented by the preparatory committee of the 13th Congress right after the adoption of the two reports, and are expected to present their reports to the plenary anytime on Monday following the progress of their debates.

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