The Saharawi people are resolved to defend their national unity and choices in front of colonization

Polisario front’s National Secretariat asserted, in its report before its 13th Congress on Thursday in the liberated territory of Tifariti, that the Saharawi people will continue fighting to secure independence using all legitimate methods of struggle against the Moroccan colonization.

Representing the national Secretariat report, the former Secretary general of POLISARIO, Mohamed Abdelaziz, said that the Saharawi people hope however that the new Spanish government would take up again its former balanced position that is consistent with Spain s historical and legal responsibility for Western Sahara, and thus contribute to resolving the conflict through a self-determination referendum for the Sahrawi people”.

“The Sahrawi people have demonstrated their commitment to their unity and to their national rights as well as their unlimited resilience and creativity to diversify their methods of resistance and struggle in the face of the Moroccan military expansionism, which is supported and protected by oppressive powers, particularly the French government, which does not appear to have abandoned its colonizing mind-set”, he says.

He also estimated that “the Uprising of Independence continues to unfold through heroic episodes such as Gdeim Izik protest camp, the demonstrations in La Aaiun and Dajla and Aminatou Haidar’s hunger strike as well as visits by delegations to the liberated territories and Sahrawi refugee camps, and the heroic hunger strike staged by Sahrawi political prisoners, among others.”

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