16 killed and 7 injured following attack on Egypt-Gaza borders

Cairo - Independent Maghreb Press Agency - At least16 border guards were killed and 7 injured on Sunday in Egypt during an attack against a checkpoint in Sinai, near the border between Egypt and Gaza strip, local security and medical sources said. 
The official Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported that “an unknown group of gunmen” attacked a checkpoint in the region of Al-Mansoura, in Sinai, in addition to an exchange of fire between them and the security forces. 
“Gunmen in Bedouin attire from Sinaï drove up in two vehicles and opened fire on a checkpoint,” a security official said. 
After this attack, attributed to “Jihadists,” Egypt closed its Rafah crossing with the Gaza strip, according to official media. “Closing the Rafah crossing border (…) indefinitely,” public television said in a banner, information confirmed by the official MENA news agency

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