Western Sahara


El Aaiun (occupied territories) April 09, 2011 (SPS) - Families of Saharawi political detainees organized Friday a vigil of solidarity outside what so-called the Moroccan Court of First Instance in occupied El Aaiun to demand the release of the Saharawi political prisoners, according to Saharawi human rights source.

The participants in this vigil chanted slogans demanding the release of all the Saharawi political prisoners, condemning the Moroccan state’s continuation to arrest and ill-treating them, the source said.

It also underlined that the vigil witnessed a tight police siege by the various Moroccan intelligence services.

In relevant context, the Saharawi graduated organized a peaceful demonstration in the occupied city of El Aaiun to demand their legitimate right of live in dignity, work and their benefit from natural resources of their land. They also denounced the policies of impoverishment and starvation practiced by the Moroccan state against the Saharawis

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