Syria: Army takes a prominent mosque in Deraa killing at least 4 people

Syrian army troops backed by tanks and three helicopters on Saturday took a prominent mosque that had been controlled by residents in Deraa, killing at least four people in and near the religious sanctuary, a witness said.

The Omari mosque, located in Deraa’s Roman-era old town, had served as a gathering place for Syrians protesting against the authoritarian regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
Among those reportedly killed on Saturday was Osama Ahmad, the son of the mosque’s imam, Sheikh Ahmad Sayasna. The other three were a woman and her two daughters who were killed when a tank shell hit their home near the mosque, according to the witness.

The Deraa operation came a day after President Assad unleashed deadly force to crush a revolt that started six weeks ago, killing at least 65 people in Deraa, a border town of 120,000 people near Jordan

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