Polisario Front threatens to hold arms again

Shaheed Al Hafed (refugee camp) - MAP -  'all options including resumption for the armed struggle remain obtainable,” the Spokesman for the Western Sahara National Council, Mr. Khatri Addouh, confirmed in a lecture marking the 38th anniversary of the outbreak of armed struggle and 6th anniversary of the Intifada of Independence in occupied Western Sahara
“Struggle and unity of the Saharawi people have forced the Moroccan occupation and international community to recognize the Polisario Front as sole representative for the Saharawis,” Mr. Addouh said, adding the Polisario Front’s acceptance to negotiate with Morocco under UN auspices is an “explicit proof that the Polisario is the sole and legitimate representative of the Saharawi people
"The repression and regional as well as international variables will not discourage the Saharawis to achieve their national independence and build a country, where the Saharawis can enjoy their full political, social, economic and humanitarian rights like all peoples of the world,” he added
Member of the Saharawi negotiating delegation called on the Moroccan occupation authorities to release more than 500 Saharawi political detainees and tens of the Saharawi human rights activists, who are facing different kinds of ill-treating torture.

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