Intensifying battle and establishing Saharawi state are objectives of Saharawi youth, President of Western Sahara emphasizes

Dakhla (Saharawi refugee camps) - MAP - The President of Western Sahara, Mr. Mohamed Adelaziz, called Thursday on Sahrawi youth for the contiuation of communication between generations, intencification of the liberation battle and establishment of strong foundations of the Saharawi state, in his speech during the opening of the National Conference of Youth held in the Wilaya of Dakhla on June 9-11, 2011.

“The coincidence of the celebration of Martyr Day with the launch of the third edition of the Martyr Al-Wali’s intellectual forum, organized by the Union of Youth (UJSARIO) under the banner “Saharawi youth for liberation and construction”, and National Conference of Youth, adopted by the government 2011’s plan, is a positive sign that responds to the continuing need for training and rehabilitation of youth and people in general, as well as deepening the bonds of communication between generations for the continuity of the revolution,” the President of the Republic said.

"It is very important to make this kind of meeting on youth policies to explore and identify the best ways to promote the serious and effective engagement, complete and comprehensive, conscientious and responsible engagement for young people in the struggle for liberation and construction in all areas: political, military, social, economic, cultural, information and others,” he added.

Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz insisted that any policy, plan and strategy in light of the intense situation of the liberation war waged by the Saharawi people for over 37 years “will face failure unless it takes into account: first intensifying the national battle on all fronts to accelerate the liberation and independence, and secondly building and strengthening the foundations of the Saharawi State.”

“In this sense, any policy towards young Saharawis should take into account perspectives and priorities as strengthening the People's Liberation Army, increase and support the peaceful resistance in the occupied territories, activate the work of Saharawi state’s institutions by focusing on vital sectors such as health, education and training, administration as well as diplomatic and information action,” he underlined.

"The Polisario Front is a popular national liberation movement, all its principles, objectives and decisions stem from the free will of the Saharawi people. It is also committed to the democracy, transparency and capacity to accommodate all ages and groups, in particular female and youth, in addition to the different ideas and orientations for a higher goal is the independence of the Saharawi people over their national territory,” Secretary General of the Polisario Front stated.

He confirmed that this popular dimension and open-minded democratic direction is “the secret behind the steadfastness of this movement for decades, despite the intensity and seriousness of the conspiracies against it, which utilized all means to destroy it from the inside and distorted its reputation and its international legal status as the sole legitimate representative of the Saharawi people.”

He underlined that prospects are promising for generations of the Saharawi people to carry the torch of continuity, concluding “the Saharawis are more than ever united and stick to the same noble objectives that held by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia El Hamra and Rio de Oro (Frente Polisario) and those who sacrificed by our glorious martyrs"

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