Interpol warns world countries of terrorist attacks on airports

The Interpol has warned all the countries worldwide that terrorists may commit attacks in airports by using falsified and stolen passports.
Speaking at the summit of the International Air Transport Association in Singapore, Mr Noble said that Interpol estimates that there are 28 million stolen passports and national identity cards in circulation.
In this regard, the Secretary General of the Interpol, Ronald Nobel, said terror groups are still representing the biggest threat despite the death of Osama Bin Laden. He further warned that flights and other means of transport are the most exposed to be exploited by terrorists by using false and stolen passports.
The number one risk confronting airlines and countries around the world is the risk terrorists or other dangerous persons will carry a fraudulent identity document and move from one country to another,” he said.
Last year 40,000 passengers were caught with fraudulently obtained documents, the number would have been higher if the every passport was checked against the database of stolen documents as a matter of routine.
“It is a serious matter for concern,” Mr Noble added.
He further recommended Sahel countries, Algeria included, to collect maximum information on travelers entering their airports, through scanning their identity cards and passports, and share information between it security services in coordination with the Interpol.

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