Repatriated from Casablanca to El Aaiun for a few hours of questioning

MAP in the morning, the Moroccan authorities have arrested a Saharawi Human Rights Activist at the airport in Casablanca, with an arrest warrant in connection with the demonstration Camp of Gdaim Izik.

Malika Ndour, 26, was planning to go to Egypt for a private visit, when she was arrested by agents apparently belonging to the DST-morocco political police.

They took her in a room before being cut all contacts with her for several hours.
Miss N'Dour was then placed in a regular passenger plane to the occupied city of El Aaiun, where she was interrogated by the Directorate of the Police of the occupied city.
She was released later in the evening of that day.

 Hunger Strike End

On the other hand, the two Saharawi political prisoners Bachri Bentaleb and Chaikh Amidan suspended their hunger strike after fifty-two days of fasting.
They yielded themselves to repeated requests from their families and international and local Human Rights organizations, that were very concerned about the health consequences of the hunger strike protest that began May 10, 2011.

Media Team, Western Sahara, July 15, 2011

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