Gold, diamonds and uranium found in Western Sahara

Canada - MAP - Metalex, a Canadian mining company, has found gold, diamonds, uranium and other precious minerals under the sands of the Western Sahara. Part of the discovery is in the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, while the other is in Mauritania. Metalex has a concession for the exploration and exploitation in the territory that was granted by the Government of Morocco in 2005.

The company that will operate these findings is formed by the Canadian company mentioned and the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines of Morocco (ONHYM) with 60% of interest for Metalex.

Metalex announced in a press release announcing that after the surveys carried out by magnetic and radiometric studies should highlight "the valuable potential of the territory explored." The company has specially emphasized the amount of gold and diamonds estimated in the field.

Morocco, which is illegally occupying Western Sahara, has given before more than five years a license for prospecting and exploitation and the subsequent sale to Metalex. Rabat keep some of the gains received from natural resources of a territory which is considered by the UN as non-autonomous and awaiting decolonization.

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