Mossad intercepts international calls in Arabic zone

Cairo -MAP- Jordanian spy Bashar Abu Ibrahim Zeid revealed to Egypt's chief prosecutor that the Israel's Mossad security agency was intercepting and monitoring international calls in the MENA region, including Algeria.

The local al-Ahram newspaper said the first suspect, identified as Jordanian communications engineer Bashar Ibrahim Abu Zeid, was arrested in March, while the second, an Israeli identified as Ofir Herari, had fled the country and was being tried in absentia.

They are both to be tried at a state security court on charges of spying for Israel to engender Egypt’s national security.

The newspaper added that the Mossad has been spying Arab countries through intercepting and monitoring mobile phone’s international calls. Iraq, Iran, Algerian, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Libya are the most targeted, according to al-Ahram.

It said Abu Zeid 31 was also charged with collecting data on some employees working in the telecommunications sector with the aim of recruiting candidates to work for the Mossad.

He told detectives that he had been recruited by the Mossad two years ago via an Israeli agent who contacted him through internet, and then met with him several times abroad. He revealed that he was trained on how to intercept and re route international calls for the Mossad.

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