World Association of Muslim Thinkers and Advocates warn Libya's NTC of following allegations of Moroccan regime

Western Sahara - MAP - The World Association of Muslim Thinkers and Advocates to support the Saharawi People warned Saturday the Libya's National Transitional Council of following the Moroccan allegations of involvement of Western Sahara soldiers in the Libyan conflict, adding “the people of Western Sahara, who waged the resistance for three decades for dignity, will not drag into a war does not serve its objectives and orientations in advocating for its legitimate right of independence and recover its seized rights by the Moroccan occupation since 1975.”
In a statement reached MAP, the Association held Rabat regime and some terrorists used by the Moroccan intelligence the responsibility for these baseless rumors, considering it a step for settling narrow accounts at the expense of people struggle for freedom and dignity. It also warned of falling into mistakes may harm the future relations between the two brotherly peoples.
It emphasized that the people of Western Sahara have great deal of nobility and braveness that prevent it from intervene in the interior affairs of other countries.
The Association finally called on the Islamic countries to immediately intervene to protect the Libyan civilians who are exposed to war criminals and NATO raids, urging that those responsible be accountable for their crimes.

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