Al-Alam newspaper: least credible journal in the Moroccan media

Rabat (Morocco) - Independent Maghreb Press Service - The Center for Media and Press Studies has classified the Moroccan newspaper of Al-Alam as “the least credible journal in the Moroccan media and most fabricating of the falsifying news, when comes to address the spot issues like popular recruitment in Morocco since last February 20.”
The Center, who conducted a poll in the internet, noted that Al-Alam has significantly deviated from the credibility and objectivity in the case of Western Sahara “which is considered by the UN as an issue of self-determination.
It considered that Al-Alam deviation from credibility is due to the fact that it is loud-speaker for closest Moroccan Independent Party from the palace, and thus does not take into consideration the objectivity and credibility as satisfy the royal palace.
The Al-Alam has continuously published baseless news concerning the situation of Western Sahara refugees in the Algerian desert of Tindouf.

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