Republic of Western Sahara declares 10 October "National Day of Saharawi tent" in commemoration of Gdeim Izik camp

Shaheed El Hafed (Saharawi refugee camps) - MAP - The people of Western Sahara celebrated yesterday October 10th, day of the Saharawi tent, to commemorate the first anniversary of the installation of the protest camp of Gdeim Izik, October 10, 2010, 12 km east of occupied El Aaiun, the Sahara Press Service reported.

"The event is of special significance in the emphasis on "the status of the tent" in the identity, history and Sahrawi people's resistance through the ages," the source said.

On this occasion, several tents were erected Monday in the Wilayas and institutions of the SADR, and public meetings were held to allow citizens to express their support and solidarity to the peaceful resistance in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and the victims of the Moroccan repression, particularly in Dakhla, a city subject to a state of siege since September 25.

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