Swedish social Democrats renews support to Western Sahara people’s right to self determination

Saharawi Refugee Camps-MAP-Member of the Swedish Parliament from the Social Democratic Party, Ms. Sara Karlsson reaffirmed her Party’s firm position in supporting the just causes including the inalienable of Western Sahara people to self determination and independence.

In interview with Western Sahara news Agency (SPS), Ms. Sara Karlsson asserted that recognition of the Saharawi cause is one of her party’s biggest concerns within the Swedish parliament.

She underlined that her visit to the Saharawi refugee camps with the Party’s youth “aims to closely observe the situation of the Saharawi refugees in order to convey a comprehensive image to the Swedish society.”

Member of Swedish parliament’s committee on environment and agriculture criticized the fisheries agreement between the European Union and Morocco, confirming that Sweden was among the first to reject the agreement, which is contrary to the UN resolutions.

Ms. Karlsson expressed concern over the gross human rights violations experienced by the Saharawis in the occupied part of Western Sahara.

The Swedish parliamentarian was visiting the Saharawi refugee camps along with four activists of the Social Democratic Youth League.

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