Polisario Front: Spain to assume its legal responsibility to help secure peace in the region

Polisario Front hoped that the Spanish government assumes its responsibility in the decolonization of Western Sahara to help secure peace and stability in North Africa, in its report before the 13th Congress of the movement of liberation taking place in the liberated zone of Tifariti from the 15 to the 19.

The report presented this Thursday afternoon before 2100 delegates and300 foreign supporters that the latest developments in the North African regions and in the world are an additional proof on the necessity of resolving the conflict in Western Sahara so as to secure stability and peace in North Africa.

The report also recalled of the success of the referendum in South Sudan, considering it a proof on the relevance of this solution to resolve conflicts of peace and colonization.

The report regretted the double standards adopted by the international community whenever the conflict in Western Sahara is brought on the table compared to the positions of this same international community in other parts of the world.

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