Foreign delegations To Polisario Congress confirm support to Saharawi people’s struggle

Foreign delegations attending the 13th Congress of POLISARIO Front, confirmed support and solidarity with the Saharawi people’s legitimate struggle, on Thursday evening in the liberated zone of Tifariti.

Coming from 33 countries world wide, the different delegations representing governments, political parties and civil societies, insisted in giving supporting speeches in front of the Congress to give proof on their resolution to continue supporting the Saharawi struggle despite all Moroccan attempts to distort the image of the Saharwi resistance.

In this respect, the South Africa Ambassador to the Saharawi Republic, reaffirmed on behalf of the South African President, Jacob Zuma, and the government of South Africa their solidarity and support for the just struggle of the Sahrawi people.

Relating to the experience of South Africa and their fight against Apartheid, he declared that a just struggle can never be defeated.

Speaking on behalf of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan Ambassador to the Saharawi Republic, declared his country’s solidarity with the Sahrawi people.

He congratulated the Sahrawi people for the achievement of bringing around 300 delegates to Tifariti under the critical circumstances that mark the region, referring to the terrorist attack against the Saharawi refugee camps last October.

Moreover, he described the Sahrawi national congress as a clear demonstration of participatory democracy and praised the symbiosis between the Frente Polisario and the Sahrawi Society that gives a clear proof on the legitimate representative of this liberation movement to all saharawis.

The Nigerian lawyer, Femi Falana, President of West African Bar Association, emphasized the support of the Nigerian government and the Nigerian people for the Sahrawi struggle for independence and declared that the African Union must start a diplomatic offensive against Morocco because the later is occupying an AU full-fledged member State.

He further estimated that the African lawyers will start working on the issues of Saharawi political prisoners, and on the Moroccan illegal exploitation of the natural resources in Western Sahara.

Dressed in a dara’a, the traditional Sahrawi garment, while holding his speech, the representative of Mexico and representative of the Mexican Senate, Julio Cesar, considers the Sahrawi struggle for their independence a just struggle that should be embraced by all peoples.

He underlined that there is need to strengthen the Saharawi diplomatic and informative efforts to raise awareness of the international public opinion about the facts of the conflict, including in Mexico

From the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), Pedro Julia, expressed respect for the strength of the Sahrawi society and its determination to achieve the right for self-determination and independence, despite of all obstacles they face.

He calls on the United Nations and the Security Council to respect the rights of the Sahrawi people and enable the free circulation of international observers in the Western Sahara.

The representative of the Algerian Parliament emphasized that the Algerian people will never end their support for the just cause of their Sahrawi brothers, praising Saharawi people’s resolution to defend their legal rights.

Mahraz Alamari, President of the Algerian Association of support to the Saharawi people, stated that the different Algerian parties and civil society stand as one man with one voice with the Sahrawi people, because their struggle is just and can not be ignored by anyone who respects international law and the rights of peoples.

Mohamed Abdellahi from the Mauritania Alliance of democratic forces spoke in the name of Ahmed Daddah, the opposition in Mauritania stressing support to the implementation of the international law in Western Sahara.

Carmelo Ramirez, President of the Federation of Spanish institutions in solidarity with Western Sahara (FEDISSAH), regretted the ongoing violation of human rights in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and called for the liberation of the political prisoners and the access of international observers to the Sahrawi occupied territories.

He further stressed that even though the peaceful resistance is the best way to follow for the resolution of the conflict, yet the Sahrawi people should be prepared for any other method of struggle, including armed struggle.

Da Silva from East Timor declared that his people didn’t forget the Sahrawis after the independence of their country. Instead, they are working side by side, for a formal recognition of the Saharawi Republic by the United Nations.

Claudia, from the German party Die Linke, presented to the audience the efforts her party makes to raise awareness in Germany about the conflict. She recalled that her party is fighting against the exportation of arms by Germany to Morocco.

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