Jacob Zuma critizes the position of Security Council on Libya

United Nations - Independent Maghreb Press Agency - South African President Jacob Zuma on Thursday criticized the UN Security Council for ignoring the African Union (AU) to support the bombing on Libya by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
"Africa should not become anymore a ground to clarify the interests of other regions," said Zuma, adding that that African land conflicts can be resolved "if they are not promoted and supported from outside the continent."
Speaking on Thursday at a meeting of the Security Council, Zuma said that the 1973 resolution adopted by that body in March 2011 was largely violated on some specific aspects.
He noted that strengthening collaboration between the AU and the UN will prevent situations like the one registered in Libya, where the African plan for a solution "was completely ignored in favor of the NATO bombings."
He stressed that the consequences of actions in Libya on behalf of the Security Council spilled into other states in the region, and a problem that was confined to one country became a regional problem.

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