Nigerian oil workers decided to stop and join the strike

Lagos (Nigeria) - Independent Maghreb Press Agency - The Union of Oil Workers of Nigeria (NUGPEN) decided on Thursday to stop oil and gas production next Sunday and join the general strike against the elimination of the subsidy on fuel.

The main Union of the oil sector of Nigeria notified the government of its decision, announced yesterday, that it will go on strike if there is no agreement on the grant of a subsidy on the sale of fuel to the population.

Nigerian workers entered on Thursday their fourth day of indefinite general strike, under the threat of government to freeze the wages of the demonstrators.

The oil workers decision of join the strike intensifies the conflict in the main fuel producer of sub-Saharan Africa.

Since last Monday, dozens of claimants in several Nigerian cities, including Kano, the most populous, have virtually paralyzed the country, but so far the situation with the price of oil, the reason for the strike, remains unchanged.

Nigeria produces about 2,400,000 litres of oil per day, most of it exported to the USA, Europe and Asia.

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