In 50th anniversary of Evian Accords: Reda Malek denies any crimes against the French settlers in Algeria

Algeria - Independent Maghreb Press Agency - The former Algerian Premier and member of the Algerian delegation that took part to Evian treaty, Reda Malek has vehemently denied the allegations that Algeria has perpetrated crimes against the French settlers “Pieds-noirs” after the cease fire.
Reda Malek has asserted that the negotiations between the Algerians and the French have guaranteed the rights and set the duties of this community, saying that the French settlers would cherish all their rights for a three year period and will chose afterwards , either to take the Algerian nationality or remain French citizens.
Algeria is the target of a fierce campaign waged by the French right party led by the outgoing president Nicholas Sarkozy ahead of the upcoming presidential elections, where he accused the Algerian authorities of perpetrating similar crimes as the French colonials against the French settlers and the collaborators” Harkis” after the cease fire in March 19, 1962.
The former ambassador to Paris has indicated that 16 French nationals were elected in the first Assembly after the independence of the country, which proves that the alleged crimes against the French settlers were pure electoral manipulations designed to win votes ahead of the presidential race.

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