Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: some Arab Countries funded for dissent of some diplomatists

Damascus - Independent Maghreb Press Agency - Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today “some Syrian diplomatists work for the Ministry have left their work for some cash they received in return from some Arab countries

The Ministry confirmed in a statement that some Ambassadors and embassy  employees dissenters have left their work for money, and traveled towards some Arab Capitals to encourage  dissent, referring to such behavior is not hidden anymore. And explained that it has taken the legal procedures against the dissenters, and without mentioning the names of the Arab countries funded for the dissenters
Ministry statement has refuted its relationship with some figures which have recently announced their dissent from the Syrian government, referring that Mr. Abdu Elative Dabbag, the Syrian Ambassador to UAE under review at the request of the Ministry to consult in Damascus, and not in his place work in Abudabi since the 4th of the last June
The ministry added “Ms. Lamia Elhariri did not and does not hold the title of Syrian Ambassador, but diplomatic Embassy in Cyprus and in charge on behalf of the department until the appointment of a new Ambassador.

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